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1. Introduction represents the firm Glacier Satellite Lda, which headquarters are located in Lisbon and base of operations located in the Comporta area. Our website acts as an online shop, with the purpose of selling artisanal ice cream (in packages of 780mL up to 5L) produced at our Laboratory located in Possanco (Comporta).

We assure that our products are under permanent quality control and that we comply with the regulations postulated by law for ice cream production units of our scale. We operate under the Alcácer do Sal City Counsil’s license. Glacier Satellite, Lda is also registered and licensed for street and fair selling, which allow us to operate in the public domain, non-site-specific.

All our ice creams are handmade in the same kitchen. Although we make every effort to avoid cross contamination of allergen agents, we cannot guarantee that there are no traces of those in the products that include “without allergen agents present” in their description.

For more detailed information on the potentially allergenic ingredients we use in the ice cream production, please contact us.

2. Regular Conditions

Access to and use of this website is subject to the following terms and conditions. By using this website, you agree to the these conditions of use. These conditions may be changed at any time without notice, so we advise you to visit this page regularly in order to be aware of any changes to the general conditions.

3. Access

Access to this site is permitted on a temporary basis. We reserve the right to change, restrict or withdraw access to specific sections or the entirety of the site without notice. We are not responsible if, for any reason, this website is unavailable or any loss arises as a result of your unavailability.

4. Privacy

Our user data practice, which details the way we use user data, can be found in the Privacy Policy. By using this site, you consent to your information being processed in the manner described in our Privacy Policy, and that you warrant that all information provided by you is correct.

5. Intellectual Property

The content of this website, including text, graphics, images and other information, is protected by industrial property rights and copyright, being exclusive property of Glacier Satellite, Lda. The user may not use or take ownership of the content of this website for personal or commercial purposes without the written consent of Glacier Satellite, Lda.

6. Online Content

The content posted on this site is made available to the user without warranty that it is free of errors, namely the descriptions and prices of the products. We reserve the right not to accept orders if the published information or price is wrong.

The abusive or unreasonable content made available by the user, such as comments and criticisms, may be used, treated and removed by Glacier Satellite, Lda.

7. Usage Conduct

The user is committed to comply with the applicable law, as well as to act with good intent, and to make a use of the website that does not offend any rights of third parties. It is strictly forbidden to submit or distribute offensive, threatening and defamatory content, committing or encouraging crimes and sending unsolicited advertising or promotional material. It is also forbidden to disclose messages, create or introduce any types of viruses or advise third parties to do so.

8. Applicable Law

Glacier Satellite, Lda is parented by a company headquartered in Portugal, operates exclusively in Portuguese mainland territory and follows the Portuguese Law. All marketed content and products are in accordance with the law in Portugal. If you are a visitor or foreign customer, the access to the site and product orders is done by your initiative, taking responsibility for complying with the Portuguese legislation, where applicable.

9. Terms of Sale

By placing an order you agree to the following terms of sale: All orders are subject to stock availability, price confirmation, and order admission.

To place an order, you must be at least 18 years of age, and commit to provide legitimate data so your order can be processed successfully.

Order summary and details are received by email. This email does not immediately constitute the admission of your order, but it acknowledges your interest of purchasing. The final sale contract will only become effective when you receive an email notifying that the respective order has been shipped.

We reserve the right not to accept orders for discretionary reasons.

10. GUBOs

The GUBO isothermal packaging is owned by Glacier Satellite, Lda. They are lent to the client to carry packs of half a kilo of ice cream. The loan is made through a deposit of €12 which will be redeemed when the item is returned to the company. The package should be returned whole, clean and with no superficial or functional damages. Otherwise, Glacier Satellite, Lda reserves the right to discard the package and retain the deposit.

11. Prices and Stock Availability

Although we take measure to ensure that the information of pricing, promotions and stock availability is correct, there may be errors. If an error regarding price or stock availability of your order is detected, we reserve the right to cancel the order. If the order has already been paid, you will receive a full refund.

Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. To check the latest prices and promotions, you may have to refresh the shop page. All product information is accurate unless there have been typing or system errors.

All prices listed include VAT at the current legal rate.

12. Payments and Order Delivery

Glacier Satellite, Lda offers multiple payment methods. Orders will not be shipped until their payment has been confirmed.

Payment Methods:

PAYPAL (Debit or Credit Card): Customers that wish to pay by debit or a credit card can make the purchase without any additional charges, not requiring prior registration with PAYPAL.

MB Way: In order to use MB Way Payment (free of charge for the client) the respective option needs to be selected in the Payment Page.

NOTE: Home delivery costs €5.00 per order.

Delivery Times:

Flavors of the Week (within stock): 24 hours.

Other Flavors (within stock): 72 hours.

Exclusive Flavors (no stock applied): 7 days.

VAT: The prices displayed in the store already include VAT at the legal rate in effect.

For home delivery orders, we notify that after the accorded time and place with the customer, Glacier Satellite, Lda will only attempt the delivery one time. If for any reason the customer does not respond or accept the delivery, they will have to pay €5 to arrange a new delivery time or to arrange a different place and time to pick up the order (in this case, no fees will be applied).

Return Policy:

Glacier Satellite, Lda does not accept returns. All purchases are definitive.

Have a good shopping!

Glacier Satellite, Lda
Lot 135 Aldeia do Possanco
7580-680 Comporta
Mobile: +351 913 998 042
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