In the very first day we created Pistachio (with and without sugar), coconut, dulce de leche… By the end of it, we tasted everything we had done and we saw that it was good (but the black sesame gelato still needed some more work).

Today we had the honor of receiving at our Laboratory our gelatière masters of Lisbon and Bologna who were by our side to fine-tune our machines and create sensational recipes.

Part of our commitment to gelato lovers and customers involves creating a delightful portfolio of flavors but also to take into consideration the diversity of allergic and dietary restrictions that the current consumer demands. Therefore, we will ensure to include a significant number of vegan flavors (without lactose or any other animal product) and sugar-free flavors (sweetened with Stevia from the Mexican Agave Cactus).

During our production cycle, we try our best to keep allergen agents as far away as possible. However, as with all artisan products, all Gelato is produced in the same space. As such, there is always a small risk of cross-contamination. We also use raw materials that come from places where we cannot guarantee that are free of any allergens. For this reason, we recommend anyone with a potentially serious allergic reaction to NOT to consume our Gelato.