This is where the adventure started! After a long time of being loyal devotees of gelato around the world, we decided to elevate our passion and to finally learn how to create this divine delicacy. We were at the end of a motorcycle tour through Europe — from London to Lisbon, via Bosnia — during our own personal Brexit. We left Britain after many years of working in the Arts (Pedro) and in Photography + Graphic Design (Gonçalo). Then, we spent a month in Italy compiling a personal guide of their gelaterias, and studying at the prestigious Carpigiani Gelato university, in Bologna. It was a matter of pleasure and curiosity at first, more than an actual desire to create a business. However, the whole experience felt like sampling from the Tree of Knowledge and it made us want to learn more. Also…we were making three different flavours daily and we wanted to taste more, more and more… So, we carried on studying and researching till we were ready to create Gulato Comporta as a way to bring our pleasure for gelato to the place where we live.